Connor and Dan believe strongly that the Board of Supervisors works for the people who elected them, not the other way around. As your two new supervisors, they will bring in new open and transparent ideas for how to communicate and interact with the residents of Doylestown Township.

Connor and Dan want township meetings held at a time everyone can attend. Too many of our meetings are at times that are inconvenient for our working residents to attend. Connor and Dan would seek to have all of our Board of Supervisors meetings at 7:00 PM when more of our residents can attend and voice their concerns.

For those who can’t attend meetings in person, Connor and Dan will look to improve the ways our residents can view meetings at home. Doylestown TV is a great asset to our community that allows residents to watch later, but it needs to be upgraded to stay with the times. Improving the video and audio quality would enhance the viewing experience and allow our residents to properly see the details of important presentations. Connor and Dan will also look into live streaming meetings so residents could watch at home or on mobile devices in real time.

To further improve access to information for residents, Connor and Dan will push for all materials discussed at supervisors’ meetings to be shared ahead of time. They believe it’s important for residents to have the same information supervisors have so they can review ahead of time and ask informed questions about pressing issues.

Connor and Dan want to be two open and accessible supervisors for our residents who want to listen to the concerns and needs of our residents.