Doylestown continues to be a desirable community to live in and the growth of the township puts strain on the area’s infrastructure.  New sewer and water lines will be required and forgotten roads across town are in need of repair.

Connor and Dan believe infrastructure is the most basic service that our local government is responsible for.  We all know the roads that have gone too long ignored, with cars bottoming out in potholes that should have been filled months ago. Connor and Dan believe that proactive solutions are needed.  Repairs to things structures like bridges should be addressed before the are problems with solutions that last.

As your two new supervisors, Connor and Dan will ensure that a timely, comprehensive plan is put in place for road repair and that residents are made aware when their roads are scheduled for maintenance.  They want to make sure the neighborhoods impacted by the construction of new sewer and water lines are notified well in advance of construction and that their concerns are listened to. These are big projects with lasting impact and our residents deserve to know what’s planned for their neighborhoods.

Dan grew up in the Woodridge/Pebbleridge neighborhood of Doylestown and his parents still live there now.  Since Dan was in elementary school, the issue of failing septic systems and sewers has hung over the neighborhood.  Dan’s first real interaction with local politics was at the kitchen table listening to his family and neighbors discuss how to pay for sewers they couldn’t afford or didn’t want.

After the previous Board of Supervisors in 2017 passed an ordinance requiring residents of that neighborhood to pay $32,000 a home for sewers, not including expensive hook up fees, Dan started attending regular meetings of Doylestown’s Water and Sewer Public Advisory Board and had joined that board as a full voting member.  Dan will use his position on that board to maintain oversight of the costs of the current Pebbleridge project and work to improve communications with residents in future expansion areas like Turk Road, Spring Valley and others.  As supervisors, Connor and Dan will extend this same oversight to aide the people who elected them into office.

Connor and Dan believe that communication and follow-through are the keys to improving the leadership and infrastructure of Doylestown.