As a Boy Scout, Dan developed a deep appreciation for nature that Connor shares with him.   They understand the responsibility we have to protect and maintain our environment.

With our area rapidly developing, it is more important than ever that we hold new construction to a higher environmental standard so that local families, hunters, fishers, and outdoor enthusiasts can continue to enjoy our natural spaces.  

Dan is an associate member with Doylestown’s Environmental Advisory Council.  Working with the other members of the council, he works to help maintain the environment of Doylestown, from energy use, recycling and removal of invasive plants.

As your two supervisors, Connor and Dan will push for Doylestown Township facilities to be models of energy efficiency for the county.  They share the goal of moving our facilities to 100% renewable energy by 2040. They want Doylestown to act as a regional leader, working with our neighboring municipalities to spread the same goals across our region.

Connor and Dan will work to maintain and expand the Green Building Credits system recently introduced to offer permit discounts if builders and residents implement energy efficient practices in new construction and improvements.  They will also partner with local businesses to implement charging stations for electric cars in our parks.

In addition to energy conservation, Connor and Dan will also maintain oversight of Doylestown’s drinking water.  With the PFO/PFA contamination  in Warrington and Warminster so close to our own ground water, they will work to make sure our drinking water stays safe for all our residents.  They will also work to reduce the amount of pollutants entering our waterways, like the Neshaminy Creek.

Connor and Dan truly believe in the phrase “think globally, act locally” when it comes to making a positive environmental impact here in Doylestown and around the world.