About Connor OHanlon

Connor graduated from Penn State with his bachelor’s degree in accounting with a Certificate of Real Estate, both from the Smeal College of Business. Today he is involved directly in Doylestown and its neighboring towns as a real estate salesperson at J Carroll Molloy and the conveyancer for South Main Closing Services. Connor also works as a strength coach and personal trainer at BucksFit gym where he trains individuals and school sports teams.

Connor’s work as a conveyancer gives him unique insights and connections to local municipalities. The task of conveyancing is important to ensure that every sale of real estate goes through with the proper paperwork to show ownership and the utilities that are used in each property. Connor’s experience as conveyancer in particular has been important as he works directly with the Doylestown Tax Collector, public and private providers of water and sewer, and local banks.

Connor believes that our environment, our economy, and our livelihoods are at stake. As your township supervisor, he will work hard for the benefit of all Doylestown residents and for generations to come.